Edna Miriam Paul

St. Luke Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

St. Luke Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois



BORN AUG. 23, 1897

DIED MAY 2, 1907.

Many hopes are buried here

The likeness of 9 ½ year old Edna Miriam Paul in the St. Luke Cemetery at Chicago, Illinois, was created in the Victorian style of memorializing children in funerary statuary.  The realism of the statue is remarkable as her funerary statue is a recreation of the photograph on the front of the base of her monument.



Edna is depicted in her finest clothing and, as in the photograph, she is wearing a necklace. Her curly hair cascades to her shoulders accentuated by a bow, matching the bow on her dress. True to the image, even her stance is the same in the statue as in the picture.

The epitaph on the gravestone, “Many hopes are buried here”, speaks to the sadness and loss her parents felt.


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