Would you believe…

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, California

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, California

Don Adams

April 13th 1923 September 25th 2005

Beloved husband, father and grandfather.

Proudly served his country during WWII.

Comedian, poet, philosopher, movie buff,

and never late for post time. A tough but

sensitive man with a sentimental heart

and a passionate soul.


He touched our hearts as Maxwell Smart,

secret agent 86 in the 1960’s classic TV

series, “Get Smart” and filled the

world with laughter that will

forever be remembered.

“Would you believe…”

As a kid, one of my favorite shows was Get Smart, a spoof about spies that parodied the James Bond movies which were all the rage at the time that also drew from the bungling and hapless Lieutenant Clouseau character in the Pink Panther movies.

The main character, Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, was played by Don Adams. His sidekick was Agent 99, played by Barbara Feldon. Her character’s name was never revealed during the show.

In the series, Don Adam’s character bungled his way through each episode fighting the enemy KAOS. The show aired for five years, from 1965 to 1970. The series received seven Emmy Awards including three for Adams for “Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Comedy” for his portrayal of the bungling CONTROL agent.

Don Adams (Donald James Yarmy) is buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at Hollywood. A white marble angel stands over his grave holding a garland roses. There is also a bronze placard with the inscription above that portrays Adams holding his famous spy shoe phone.

The placard also gives some clues to what was important to Adams—his family. He was married three times—to Adlaide Efantis, Dorothy Bracken, and Judy Luciano—and had seven children. There is also the Marine Insignia on the placard which was a nod to his service in World War II. Adams lied to join the service. He served in the Pacific Theater and was wounded in the Battle of Guadalcanal. He contracted blackwater fever and was hospitalized for nearly a year before he recovered. There is also a reference to “never being late to post time”.  Adams loved to gamble.

The quote, “Would you believe…” was one of the many catchphrases that were spawned by the series, such as, “Missed it by that much!”, and “I told you not to tell me that!”


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    Douglas: this is another of your many interesting, informative, and “wow, I didn’t know that!” posts! I am amazed at the wealth of information and the variety that you consistently offer us! Thank you!

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