A Firefighter’s Grave Marker

South Haven Fire Department, South Haven Michigan

Styles for grave markers to commemorate firefighters’ service are varied.  Some are designed with very little ornamentation looking like a plain badge while others display a myriad of different firefighters’ iconography.

Old Brick Reformed Church Graveyard, Holmdel, New Jersey

This marker honoring a volunteer firefighter from the Morganville Fire Department in New Jersey prominently features the distinctive firemens hat.  The original hats were made of leather, often with an eagle adorning the top.  Because of the material, leather, that they were made of firefighters were dubbed “leatherheads“.

Maplewood Cemetery, Freehold, New Jersey

This marker commemorating service in the Relief Engine Company displays the most iconic tools in the firefighter’s repitoire–the bugle, the nozzle, the protective hat, the axe, the hook, and the ladder encircled in a hose.


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