Spectamur Agendo

Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pennsylvania

The Sun Fire Engine Company of York, Pennsylvania, is one of the oldest fire engine companies in the nation.  S. F. E. eventually became the Laurel Company Number 1.  The monument that was erected in 1915 in the Prospect Hill Cemetery in York is dedicated to the fallen members of the fire engine company.

The monument features a copper sculpture of a fireman holding a bugle as if he is getting ready to call his fellow firefighters to action.  The firefighter stands on top of a granite base that features three bas-reliefs that highlight the tools of the firefighters’ trade.

This bas-relief displays a firefighter’s hat, ladder, hook, bugle, nozzle, and torch.

This bas-relief shows two crossed nozzles and a firefighter’s hook.

This bas-relief displays two crossed axes over a torch.

The base of the monument has inscribed in Latin the phrase, “Spectamur Agendo” which translates to, “Let us be judged by our acts” or “By our deeds we are known”.  This statement is a definite nod to the acts of bravery of the men and women who have worn the firefighters’ uniform.  Inscribed on the base of the monument is the following:




S. F. E. Co. N0. 1






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