Mother and Daughter

Union Cemetery, St. Clairsville, Ohio

In the Union Cemetery at St. Clairsville, Ohio, stands a lifesize white marble gravestone of a woman.  She is leaning against a post, holding a scroll in one hand and a wreath in the other.  The gravestone looks like a piece of folkart, slightly amaturish, yet compelling.  The woman’s gaze is captivating.

The inscription is faint and told the story of her death but is now illegible.  What looks to be clear is that a young mother and her daughter died and are most likely buried together.

At first the child is not apparent until you notice the base of the gravestone.  The baby girl is depicted as a mini-adult, wearing a long dress, arms folded and lying at the feet of the woman in the base of the gravestone.

Note: I first saw the gravestone above on the Website:  Beth Santore, the Webmaster gave me great directions to find the cemetery.  I was recently in Ohio and snapped some pictures of the gravestone for myself.  I highly recommend her Website, especially for those tramping around Ohio graveyards!

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