Double scroll

Union Cemetery, Morristown, Ohio

This monument of cast zinc in the Union Cemetery at Morristown, Ohio, marks the graves of a mother and a father, Jonathan and Mariah Carpenter.  The monument features two scrolls side by side.  The scroll is a symbol that has more than one meaning.  The scroll can symbolize the Law or the Word of God.  The scroll can also commemorate honor.

Here each scroll displays a different epitaph.  Interestingly, the mother’s epitaph is specifically about her and is even addressed, “Dear Mother.”  The other epitaph, however, is not about the father but about both parents.

Dear Mother, in Earth’s thorny paths,

How long thy feet have trod,

To find at last this peaceful rest,

Safe in the arms of God.


Dear is the spot where Christians sleep,

And sweet the strains that Angels pour,

O! Why should we in anguish weep,

They are not lost but gone before.

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