Praying Child

Somerset Cemetery, Somerset, Ohio

The Monumental Bronze Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, produced white bronze cemetery markers and monuments in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes.  The markers they produced often mimicked the gravestones that were being produced in stone.  What traditional stone carvers created in marble and granite, the Monumental Bronze Company produced in cast zinc. Though the base is quite different on each of these grave markers, there is no mistaking the similarities between the statues of the child.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

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    Yesterday I returned from giving a workshop in Galipolis, OH near the West Virginia border. I had to drive 60 miles from the airport to get to the school. The ride was mostly along the Ohio River and simply beautiful. While driving, I passed many little cemeteries and was so tempted to stop and check a few of them out…of course I was on too tight a timeline to do this, but I do want you to know that your GRAVELY SPEAKING must be sinking into my subconscious!

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