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The Corinthinian Order

The stately light-gray granite James H. McNulty monument in the Forest Lawn Cemetery at Buffalo, New York, was designed to resemble a similiar monument in France.  The monument’s dome is supported by Corinthinian columns forming a circular colonnade or peristyle.   The … Continue reading

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Replica Angel

One the most famous sculptors of the early Twentieth Century was Daniel Chester French, best known for his monumental sculpture of the seated Abraham Lincoln centered in the Lincoln Memorial at Washington, D.C.  In addition to the many public monuments that he … Continue reading

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The Lowry Family Monument

Many Victorian cemetery monuments are adorned with a mourning figure.  In his book, Saving Graces, published by W. W. Norton & Company, David Robinson photographed mourning figures from some of the most beautiful and famous cemeteries in Europe, including Pere … Continue reading

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Open Book

The tombstone above is topped with an oxidized copper sculpture of an open book.  The open book is a fairly common symbol found on gravestones. The motif can represent the Book of Life with the names of the just registered on its pages.  … Continue reading

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Tree-Stump Veteran Tombstone

  The tree-stump tombstone in the photo above is typical of the era.  The tombstone is carved to look like a tree.  The limbs are cut from the tree. There is a small vine twining up the base and a flap … Continue reading

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Tree-stump and the railroad lantern

Tree stump tombstones, generally carved from limestone, were a part of the rustic movement of the mid-nineteenth century which was characterized by designs that were made to look like they were from the country. The gravestones are purposefully designed to … Continue reading

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Century Plant

Centered at the base of the elaborate Victorian-era Starr Family Monument in the Forest Lawn Cemetery at Buffalo, New York, is a century plant. Many Christian symbols have been appropriated because of the qualities of the animal or the plant are … Continue reading

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