Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey

Some epitpahs read as though they are out of a can–that is they read as generic–“Gone But Not Forgotten“, for instance.  While others, even though, they rhyme, which was conventional, still sound personal.  The epitaph of Stephen R. Stryker, who died October 14th, 1865, at the age of 64, in the Princeton Cemetery of the Nassau Presbyterian Church at Princeton, New Jersey, sounds as if it might have been written specifically for Mr. Stryker who had suffered.  His death finally relieved him from his anguish:

He has gone to a mansion of rest,

From a region of sorrow and pain

To the glorious land of the blest,

Where he never can suffer again. 

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  1. Rizki says:

    I have seen and may have a photo of five-pointed star with the word veteran in the ceetnr. I’ll see if i can find it. The metal marker is for a Union veteran of the Civil War.

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