A Mother’s loss

Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington

Sometimes while I wander through cemeteries I just read the epitaphs.  The following epitaph that I read in the Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington, has really stuck with me because it is poignant and displays the loss and pain that a mother felt when her two children died.  The gravestone doesn’t give any details of the birth and death dates of Jimmie and Celia but the poem tells of her pain and her hope that when she died she would be able to be with her babies again:

Oh, it was hard that April and May day

To see my son and daughter pass away

The angels hovering about their room

At morning whispered, Jimmie and Celia come

Then, on wings of heavenly love

They bore them to His home above

Their loving hearts are now at rest

God took them home when He thought best

When we are done with toil and care

We will meet our dear Jimmie and Celia there.

From their loving Mother

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1 Response to A Mother’s loss

  1. krocksauce says:

    That is one poem I hope I never feel compelled to write. Just heartwrenching. 1 month apart?!

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