Memorial Day

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska

Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day and was created out of the desire for Americans to commemorate the sacrifices made during the American Civil War. More Americans were killed in the Civil War than any other war that Americans have fought in.

Total American Deaths by War

Civil War                        625,000

World War II                  405,399

World War I                   116,516

Vietnam                            58,151

Korean War                      36,516

Revolutionary War           25,000

War of 1812                      20,000

Mexican American War    13,283

War on Terror                      6,280

Spanish American War       4,196

During the Civil War Americans were fighting against Americans. Brothers against brothers—cousins against cousins, every casualty and every fatality was an American. The war tore the country apart and threatened the existence of the Republic.  Cemeteries throughout the United States pay tribute to the soldiers that fought to preserve the Union, often with special sections where soldiers are buried.

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska

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  1. Mary Kim says:

    The Civil War is still tearing the nation apart and threatening the Republic.

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