Pay no attention to the bird poop!

King's Chapel Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts

This strafed gravestone is the obvious target of a large Kamikaze bird with some gastrointestinal problems.  Unfortunately for me, and you the viewer, I was not equiped on my visit to the King’s Chapel Cemetery in Boston to wipe it clean before I snapped this.  But, the imagery on the 22-year old Rebecca Gerrish’s gravestone is spectacular.  Here a candle is being snuffed out by a skeleton holding the snuffer and a winged Father Time holding an hourglass trying to stop the inevitable.  The symbolism is hard to miss.  The flame on the candle being put out represents a young life that is over.  Father Time reminds us that life is short and the visage of the skeleton calls to the viewer to remember that death is always near.

King's Chapel Cemetery, Boston

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  1. Sweet post! I’ll be checking back for other great reads!

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