The Anvil

Augustus Thompson's gravestone, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

The anvil gravestone pictured above is in what is historically been called the Black Section of the Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.  The monument commemorates the grave of Augustus Thompson (1837-1910) a prominent citizen of the city.  Thompson moved from Mississippi, out of slavery, to settle in Atlanta to work as a blacksmith, hence, the anvil atop of the gravestone. 

This gravestone displays four symbols: 

Anvil: The anvil is a symbol of universe being forged and can also represent martydom. 

The Crown above the mansions in the sky: From the Bible verse John 14:2, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”  (This symbol is quite faint on the tombstone and difficult to see.)

Three links of chain: A symbol of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. (Thompson organized teh St. James Lodge of African-American Odd Fellows in Atlanta.)

Open Gates: Represents the passage from the Earthly Realm to the Heavenly Realm.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

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