The Elks metal markers

Lakeview Cemetery, South Haven, Michigan

The Benevolent Protective Order of Elks metal marker above includes the two most significant symbols for the Elks Club memebers–the Elk, of course, and the clock with the hands frozen at the 11:00 o’clock hour when the Elks traditionally remember their members who have passed away with a solemn toast.  It also carries the words “cervus alces” which is Latin referring to the genus and species for the American Elk.  Below that is a lodge number.

The simple oval metal marker below only has the initials BPOE and the lodge number.

Old Brick Reformed Church Cemetery, Holmdel, New Jersey

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2 Responses to The Elks metal markers

  1. Katherine says:

    Where can I purchase a BPOE Elks gravestone marker for my fathers gravestone. Or Elks flag holder?

    • I would try three places–first contact a local monument dealer. Most likely they have a supplier.If that doesn’t work try a local Elk’s Club. Lastly, if those two fail, I would try eBay.

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