Heart in Hand

Old Burial Hill, Marblehead, Massachusetts

The Hand-in-Heart symbol has significance with several organizations and religions, especially the Shakers, but when coupled with the three linked rings, it is associated with the Odd Fellows. 

Even though, the marble gravestone in the photographs has eroded, the Heart-in-Hand symbol can still be seen.  The heart rests in the center of the palm, directly over the three linked rings.  The three linked rings, the most recognizable Odd Fellows motif, symbolizes how much better communities, states, and the country works when working together.  The Heart-in-Hand symbol represents charity given with an open heart.

Old Burial Hill Cemetery, Marblehead, Massachusetts

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1 Response to Heart in Hand

  1. Catlanta says:

    The three rings symbolize friendship, love and truth. 🙂

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