More sea shells

While monuments that portray infants in sea shells are not all that common, you can spot them.  This monument is in the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia.  Baby Maurine, the infant son of R. P. and Anna A. Robbins, was born January 7, 1896, and died April 1, 1896, just three months old.

Oak Hill Cemetery

This sea shell gravestone is in the Oak Hill Cemetery on Highway 46 on the way to Terre Haute, Indiana.  It marks the grave of Arthur Connely, the son of William and Anna Hall.  Athur was born June 10, 1886, and died October 4th of the same year.  Again, the baby, not quite four months old, is nestled comfortably into the sea shell, which serves as a bed.

Immanuel Cemetery, St. Charles, Indiana

The image of a sleeping baby most likely offered comfort to the mourning parents of Adelheid Viola Becker, daughter of B. F. & M. C. Becker.  She was born November 27, 1881, and died February 19, 1884, just a few months past her third birthday.


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