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Broken Wheel

Many symbols, like the hanging and broken bud, the broken column, and the broken wheel represent the end of life’s journey.  This gravestone in Wunder’s Cemetery in Chicago is carved in limestone in the likeness of a tree with a broken … Continue reading

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Mansions in the Sky

The Rosehill Cemetery in Bloomington, Indiana, has many fine gravestones, including the deeply and elaborately carved Moser family monument.  The gravestone has gates opening up to the Heavens.  Between the clouds is depicted a lavish city of beautifully crafted buildings.  … Continue reading

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The Empty Chair

This mourning figure in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati kneels next to an empty chair.  Typical of mourning figures, she is barefoot, and expresses her grief with a lowered head that she holds with her hand.  The vacant chair symbolizes … Continue reading

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Lotta sheriffs buried here

Years ago, my friend, Kathryn Epperson Tupper, told me the story about a visit she made to the Magnolia Cemetery with her son, Philip, when he was about six years old.  They had gone to place flowers on her father’s … Continue reading

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At first glance this might look like another “Saving Grace” or surrogate mourning figure.  But the details of  Herman Luyties’ (1871-1921) monument in the famed Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis is far more interesting than mere graveyard symbolism.  This bodacious … Continue reading

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Willow Tree and Obelisk

Last summer on the drive to our vacation in Yosemite, we stopped for a drink at Jamba Juice.  Next to the shop is a small cemetery, the Oak Hill Cemetery.  The churchyard is meticulously kept.  As I strolled through the … Continue reading

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Prepare for Death

During the last trip I made to Atlanta, I was able to visit the historic Oakland Cemetery.  When I spotted the tombstone I snapped this photo.  It caught my eye for two reasons.  First of all, it contains one of … Continue reading

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Saving Graces

In his book, Saving Graces, published by W. W. Norton & Company in 1995, David Robinson has taken pictures of mourning figures from some of the most beautiful and famous cemeteries in Europe, including Pere Lachaise in Paris and Monumentale … Continue reading

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