Willow Tree and Obelisk

This pointed-top tablet was photographed at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Oakhurst, California.

Last summer on the drive to our vacation in Yosemite, we stopped for a drink at Jamba Juice.  Next to the shop is a small cemetery, the Oak Hill Cemetery.  The churchyard is meticulously kept.  As I strolled through the cemetery I spotted the gravestone with the stylized weeping willow.  The carving looked like it could have been carved that day.  The gravestone in the bas-relief  looks like it could be an obelisk next to the willow.  The obelisk is a stone shape that is nearly ubequitous in American cemeteries and part of the Egyptian Revival Period which was inspired by the French and then the British presence in Egypt in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.
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