The Tree of Life

The Burying Ground at the Morristown, New Jersey, Presbyterian Church



Close up

The Old Burying Ground at the Presbyterian Church at Morristown, New Jersey, is full of red slate gravestones, the most interesting of them by far is the gravestone of Abigail Goble, believed to be the oldest woman buried within the churchyard.  The image is dramatic.  In the right side of the top of the gravestone or the tympanum, out of the sculpted clouds of the Heavens, comes the hand of God weilding a hatchet. God’s axe has felled the Tree of Life!  The Tree is hacked down, life is over.  Over the top of the gravestone are the words “Memento Mori”.  This is a medieval reminder from the depths of the Black Death that swept through Europe to “remember death”.  Death was a constant and one must be prepared to die at any time.

Memento Mori                                                                                                                                  In Memory of                                                                                                                                      Mrs. ABIGAIL GOBLE                                                                                                                     who died in 1742                                                                                                                     Aged 62 Y

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1 Response to The Tree of Life

  1. That is one severe hand of God. This reminds me of the mantra “die before you die,” which I think comes from Muhammad

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