St. Luke

St. Luke, in this statue found in the Evergreen Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona, is depicted with a quill and a scroll representing his authorship of the Third Gospel, which emphasizes the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ.  The statue of St. Luke also has an ox by his side in this sculpture.  The ox, an expensive animal, was sometimes used as a sacrifice.  The wings on the ox represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has traveled throughout the world.

In the mosaic from the columbarium in the St. Francis Catholic Cemetery in Phoenix, St. Luke is depicted only as a winged ox.  When the Evangelists are shown together, they are often only depicted with the symbols by which they are represented.

St. Luke’s feast day is October 18th.  He is the patron saint of artists, physicians, surgeons, butchers, farmers, bachelors, and picture makers.

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