Furry Family Members




FEB. 9, 1912

APRIL 10, 1994




MARCH 18, 1916

DEC. 18, 2013


Thomas Boetticher was a dog lover which becomes obvious by the monument marking the graves of the Boettichers in the Oak Hill Cemetery at Evansville, Indiana. The metal dog statue standing at the base of the monument is a German Rottweiler, a replica of Thomas Boetticher’s favorite pooch.

Both Boetticher’s were definitely dog lovers as indicated in Betty Lou Spry Boetticher’s Evansville Courier Press obituary which reported, “Her fondest memories … are of walks taken with her favorite dog, a chow with an attitude….” Mrs. Boetticher’s obituary went on further giving details that her memorial service was held at 1 p.m. on January 4, 2014 at First Presbyterian Church in Evansville. There was a reception following her service which was held at the Evansville Kennel Club, another testament to the family’s love of their furry family members.


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