The Willow and the Lamb

Springdale Cemetery, Madison, Indiana

Springdale Cemetery, Madison, Indiana


To the memory of

HARRIET W. daughter of

Joseph G. & Eliza Ann Cowden

who departed this life

February 28, 1841;

aged 6 years and 8 months.

Her spirit flew with gladness,

To dwell with saints above,

She left us here in sadness

To mourn our absent love.

Also an infant son.


One of my favorite graveyard symbols is the willow.  Maybe because it is a little sentimental and hints at the human emotions felt during grief.  The willow motif represents what one might expect; sorrow and grief, it is after all a “weeping” willow.  In both of these examples, the willow symbol is combined with the lamb, and, both of these gravestones are for children. The lamb is the symbol of the Lord, the Good Shepherd. It also represents innocence, likely the reason why this motif usually adorns the tombstones of infants and young children. Most often the lamb is lying down, often asleep.

Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Indiana

Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Indiana

William Augustus

Son of

Jeremiah And

Abigail S. Roubound

Died Nov. 4. 1840

Aged 3 yrs. & 8 d’s

Jesus calls me.



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1 Response to The Willow and the Lamb

  1. Lovely motif. So far, I haven’t come across this design on any of the stones I’ve found in northern California.

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