Merlin, On a Pedestal


Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois

Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois

Merlin can be found perched high atop a monument in the Forest Home Cemetery at Forest Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  This is the centerpiece monument in a circle of burials of members of the United Ancient Order of Druids.  The United States branch, or grove, was founded in the United States in 1830 at New York.  From there it spread across the country gaining members as far west as California.


The United Ancient Order of Druids is a fraternal society that was based on the principals and beliefs believed to be attributed to the ancient druids who lived and practiced their religion some 6,000 years ago.  The druids left no written records but some of the ancient Roman historians did write about them so a record of sorts does exist.  Merlin was considered to be the greatest Druid teacher.  The members observe the teachings of Merlin including the Seven Precepts of Merlin.


According to an UAOD Website, The Seven Precepts of Merlin are:

“First: Labor diligently to acquire knowledge, for it is power.

Second: When in authority, decide reasonably, for thine authority may cease.

Third: Bear with fortitude the ills of life, remembering that no mortal sorrow is perpetual.

Fourth: Love virtue-for it bringeth peace.

Fifth: Abhor vice-for it bringeth evil upon all.

Sixth: Obey those in authority in all just things, that virtue may be exalted.

Seventh: Cultivate the social virtues, so shalt thou be beloved by all men”.


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    I have an unlimited respect for the wisdom and power of the ancient Druids. Their reputation had been destroyed by those working toward elevating Christianity over other religions much like early women intuitives and healers saw themselves labeled “witches” and burned as threats to the Church. Here’s a poem I wrote about my husband:

    The Mighty Oak

    Druids knew how to unlock
    The power of the oak—
    Druids made their wands
    From the oak’s branches.

    Bernie is a mighty oak—
    Strong, steady, protective.
    His branches encase me
    in safety.
    Bernie is my mighty oak.

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