Anchored in the haven of Rest


Anchor’d in the haven of Rest

In Memory of


Lieu,t of Marines

On board the Continental

Ship Trumbull

Born in Groton

State of Connecticutt

August 31, 1751

Departed this Life in Boston

June 28, 1780 

The death’s head is the most common symbol in the Granary Burying Ground at Boston, Massachusetts.  There are some gravestones, however, that do have other symbols, such as the Jabez Smith Jr gravestone that depicts the ship on which he served.


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2 Responses to Anchored in the haven of Rest

  1. bb2zz says:

    I have purchased a lot of miscellaneous items at auctions and estates sales over the years.
    Just checked one and it is a plaster copy of the gravestone above, is this a standard sailor’s gravestone or something. Not sure why anyone would make a copy of it.

  2. Jon Fuller says:

    I own a copy of the plaster casting. The casting is of the original stone which was much smaller than the stone standing now. It also has the ship name spelled incorrectly as “Trumbill”. With the cast, It does not have the halo of “Anchored in the haven of rest”. I collect military memorabilia of the revolutionary and War of 1812 era. I have a connection to Groton and Boston and just think that the story is very interesting.

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