Gothic Architecture

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

The C.W. Gheens Mausoleum is an architectural jewel nestled in the famed Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.  Built in 1874 for Charles W. Gheens, a wholesale grocer, real estate investor and cement producer, its design gives the viewer a sense of height.  Even though the mausoleum is relatively small, the design makes it seem to be much taller than it actually is with the long thin pinnacles on the four gables and the central dome stretching upward toward the Heavens.  The doorway of the tomb displays the pointed arch, a characteristic Gothic design that was part of the transformation away from the Romanesque rounded arch and heavy design. Another feature common to Gothic architecture is the tracery found framing the small round window and the trefoil window above the doorway.

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

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