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The Plumed Warrior in Stained Glass

The plumed warrior in stained glass in the Mount Carmel Cemetery at Hillsdale, Illinois, features an angel wearing armor, carrying a  shield, an wielding a sword indicate that the winged angel represented here is the Archangel Michael, one of three … Continue reading

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There has always been a debate between dog and cat lovers about which furry little friend makes the best companion. I have many friends who have cats galore and swear by them, while others like myself, have dogs and always … Continue reading

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Gender differences in Victorian funerary sculpture

June Hadden Hobbs, the editor of the Association for Gravestone Studies publication, Markers XXIX, , made an observation about nineteenth-century cemetery design (pages 4 and 5) writing that, “statues of men are historical while statues of women are usually allegorical.” … Continue reading

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