Dum Tacet Clamat

Beth Israel Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

The metal medalion from a gravestone in the Beth Israel Cemetery at Portland, Oregon, marks the grave of a member of the Woodman of the World Organization.

The organization was founded by Joseph Cullen Root.  “During a Sunday sermon in Lyons, Iowa, Root heard the pastor tell a parable about the good that came from woodmen clearing away the forest to build homes, communities, and security for their families. He adopted the term Woodmen.”

The influence of that sermon can also been seen in the metal marker above that has the symbols of the organization – axe, beetle (a sledge hammer or maul) and wedge – symbolizing industry, power and progress.  The Latin phrase DUM TACET CLAMAT which means “though silent, he speaks” adorns the medalion.

Root wanted to make sure that after the death of the breadwinner that the family would be protected through a death benefit payout, which was one of the goals of providing insurance to the members of the society.


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5 Responses to Dum Tacet Clamat

  1. Ralph Alford says:

    I saw this on a grave site in Flowers MS “erected by the woodman of the world” and was wondering what dum facet Clamato mean

    • Julie Mealor says:

      We have a “button”, plastic and metal with a photograph of someone from my husband’s family. It has all of the traditional symbols of the Woodmens medallion. Do you know if there is a way to have this identified and/or authenticated??
      Warm regards,
      Julie Mealor

  2. LaVada Flahie says:

    is it worth anything= by that the words have a lot of meaning- value

  3. Michael KAYLOR says:

    Refreshing , ever constant and assuring . MK1961

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