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The Knight’s Helmet

The Knights of Pythias metal marker features many of the symbols that are significant to the Knights.  A knight’s helmet sits atop crossed battle axes with three letters, “F”, “C”, and “B”, which stand for the fraternal organization’s motto, FRIENDSHIP, … Continue reading

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A Carver’s Legacy

IVAN L. ADAMS OCT. 26, 1904 JUNE 18, 1969 __ GLADYS J. ADAMS JUNE 6, 1906 JAN. 7, 1988 Many prepare for death by writing a will, saying goodbyes, buying cemetery plots, but few have the talent to go so … Continue reading

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Halloween Aftermath

The day after Halloween, jack o’ lanterns turned up in Rosehill Cemetery at Bloomington, Indiana.

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Take a seat

The rustic movement of the mid-nineteenth century was characterized by designs that were made to look like they were from the country. Elegant and slim curved lines in furniture gave way to bulkier and heavier forms made from pieces that … Continue reading

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Henry Ford’s Mort Safe

HENRY FORD JULY 30, 1863 APRIL 7, 1947 CLARA BRYANT FORD APRIL 11, 1866 SEPTEMBER 29, 1950 Next to a busy thoroughfare in Detroit, Motor City, lies the tiny and inconspicuous Ford Family Cemetery fittingly wedged between a 4-lane busy … Continue reading

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Dreamless Dust

  Dr. Joseph Barnard (1838-1926) was a Presbyterian minister who plied his craft in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Joseph and his wife Martha Grey Grubb Barnard (1842-1919) and their children eventually settled in Madison, Indiana, where Barnard served as … Continue reading

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In 1864, the Knights of Pythias was founded by Justus H. Rathbone, making it the very first fraternal organization to receive a charter under an Act of the United States Congress.  Local chapters like the one in Bloomington, Indiana, began to spring up … Continue reading

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